Kinetix Safety Shoes

Unicorn Safety Shoes are designed and manufactured with customer satisfaction in mind, their forms strengthened and the quality improved by features that not only comply, but also exceed a great array of requirements and conditions. The minimum thickness of the leather is 2.0 mm, while the steel toe caps are designed to withstand free-fall impact of 200 joules, well within the industrial standards. Extra values and benefits are added into each pair of shoes. These are the built-in safety features that help them last long, even in the toughest working environments. And best of all, our shoes retain the elegant, stylish look without compromising with safety.

1301 KX
1301 KXE

Lace-up shoes featuring padded collar and fully-padded toungue for shielding splashes.

1302 KX
1302 KXE

Slip-on shoes with padded collar and stretchable material to assure snug fit.

1601 KX
1601 KXE

Lace-up mid boots with high padded collar promoting extra comfort and maximum ankle protection.

1602 KX
1602 KXE

Full cover slip-on mid boots with stretchable material on the sides for snug fit and double loops for easy

1603 KX
1603 KXE

Full cover mid boots with high padded collar for increased comfort and Velcro fastener on the side for quick release.

1802 KX
1802 KXE

Printed leather pull-on Texan boots with high quarter providing total protection for the leg and foot.