Legendary Quality, Remarkable Superiority

With more than 35 years of experience and expertise, UNICORN is the pioneer manufacturer of safety footwear in Indonesia. We continue our tradition of bringing the latest advances in footwear technology into our brand – UNICORN safety shoes that surpass your expectation.

At UNICORN, we innovate continuously. Our safety shoes are inbuilt with features that are meant to protect your feet even under the toughest working conditions, while conforming to a variety of highly–demanding requirements. Our commitment to the “Function First” ground rule is accentuated by the exceptional level of comfort provided by our shoes.
On top of that, every UNICORN product is engineered with stylishness in mind. Because we believe you can have both safety and style beyond compare, wherever you set foot on.

Cut Shoe - The Anatomy

The Anatomy

Learn more about the technologies at work inside every pair of KinetiX —- and what advantages they mean to you.

  1. Fabric lining and padded collar for excellent moisture–dissipating mechanism.
  2. Genuine leather upper from selected Quality Cow Leather.
  3. Anatomical arch support full and soft cushion.
  4. Comfort strip eliminates discomfort from the steel toe cap.
  5. Comfort–Fit toe cap made of cold–rolled carbon steel, heat–treated to withstand maximum impact, and epoxy resin–coated to resist corrosion. Compliant with EN 12568.
  6. Rugged high wall bonding protects the uppers against cracking, bumps, and water seepage throughout the sides while preventing over-flexing.
  7. NaturArc maintains walking momentum, conserving energy for prolonged walking.
  8. ActiveStream spacers provide controlled passage for water beneath the sole to flow out, effective for slippery surfaces.
  9. Asymmetric groove promotes maximum grip on a wide range of surfaces and easy removal of trapped soil.
  10. TightGrip architecture on bottom sole allows increased security and ease when climbing ladders and uneven surfaces.
  11. ComfortWalk soft and spongy shock absorbing interlayer actively disperses energy upon ground impact for added comfort, whilst significantly reducing foot fatigue.
  12. Anti–static oil– and heat–resistant polyurethane outsole with impressive flex properties offers maximum protection against abrasion and tear specifically engineered for extreme toughness and durability at work.
  13. Breathable vamp lining made of non–woven material for increased air transmissibility.
  14. Puncture resistant mid sole (upon request) nail penetration proof.
  15. Anti–fungal flexible insole ergonomically designed to provide total support for the arch of the foot.
  16. Thermo counter, 100% water– and heat–resistant with anti-distortion moulded counter for heel support and retention.

*Measurements based on ASTM-F1614-C.